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Together we are Air Force Wives, new Mommies, and homemakers passionate about making great products for all babies. We love the Lord and are excited to share our stories and ideas with you. Learn more about each of us down below!

I was born and raised in the beautiful state of Washington. Along with my parents and my little sister, we took many opportunities to get out and enjoy what Washington had to offer. Being Filipino, I have a huge extended family that loves to get together and enjoy each other's company.
Growing up Catholic, I had only learned a fraction of what the love of God is about. In high school is when my relationship with the Lord truly began as I accepted Him into my heart through watching close friends be changed by His great love. Never have I known what true love is all about. Praise the Lord!
In 9th grade is when I met the man God set for me to marry. We started off as friends then in the 10th grade, after we both became saved, fell in love. In college we started off at rival schools across the state from each other until I transferred to Washington State University to get my degree in Elementary Education and while my then boyfriend majored in Hospitality Business Management. GO COUGS! September 2009 came and the man of my dreams asked me to marry him and on July 25th, 2010 we became Mr. and Mrs. After graduation, the Lord sent us to Vance AFB so my husband could train for his AF job. While at Vance we added Bailee, our first (fur) child to our family as well as welcomed our sweet baby boy in the world, "Little James". He couldn't wait to meet us so on October 28th,2013 he surprised us with his presence, two months earlier than expected.
God has truly blessed us with an amazingly strong little boy. God is teaching us so much through being parents. Now our story continues back in the Pacific northwest. I love staying at home with our little man and my husband enjoys his AF job. We enjoy movie nights, food (cooking but especially trying new restaurants!), farmer's markets, venturing into being all natural and organic, and exploring the PNW.

I was born and raised in Texas, the greatest country on Earth. My family and I moved to 6 different houses (all in the same county!). I have one younger brother, Austin, who is the drummer for a band called the Vicious Firs. 
Initially, my childhood was focused more on sleeping in on Sundays than learning about God. I started going to church when I was in fourth grade and was "saved" a short time after. I say it this way because really all I did was repeat some words after my Sunday School teacher. I couldn't figure out why everyone was so excited. It wasn't until high school that I truly understood the meaning of living a life for Christ.
Senior year I started dating my now husband. We spent the next 4 years in a long distance relationship. I studied nursing at Midwestern State University in Wichita Falls, TX while he studied kinesiology and was in Air Force ROTC at The University of Texas at Austin. We were married 2 weeks after graduation and moved to Del Rio, TX for his training at Laughlin Air Force Base. There I spent 2 years working full and part time as an RN on a Women's Health Unit. Once we said farewell to Del Rio we spent a short time in Altus, OK on our way up to the Pacific Northwest. 
It was here that we welcomed our beautiful baby girl, Aleah June, into our family. We love watching her grow and can't wait to see what she'll do next. Staying at home with her has been more rewarding than I ever thought possible. We have 2 pets, a dog (Mingo) and a cat (Bernoulli). We miss being so close to family, but we very much enjoy everything life in Washington has to offer. We love camping, hiking, water sports, and doing pretty much anything outdoors. Although, we have been known to lounge the day away inside watching movies (darn you Netflix!). We're excited to get out and explore as much of Washington as possible!

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