Sunday, November 8, 2015

Dear Jillianne: Slowing It Down

Sorry it's been so long! It's been super busy around here! 

So poop overload, huh? I'm pretty sure someone could make a fortune going door to door selling their services as a poop-picker-upper. They'd make a fortune.

And it's so cute that Little Brother is moving all over the place! I'm sure James will appreciate him being ready to play immediately upon delivery! :)

We recently got back from Italy & Slovenia! It was absolutely gorgeous to drive through the Alps this time of year. The weather was perfect to walk through Venice and the leaves in Bled, Slovenia were amazing. Every Fall lover's dream! 

It's so weird to plan a trip to a completely different country this often. Traveling out of your home country is something that people might get to do once a year. But everything is so close here that we are amazingly blessed to be able to travel as often as we do. 

The weather here has actually been pretty nice the past few days. It's really cold in the morning when I take June to school but by the time she wakes up from her afternoon nap it's sunny! Definitely not like Fall in the PNW. 

Speaking of school, she's learning so much there. And I don't mean colors and the alphabet (although I'm sure they cover that). She's picked up a few new phrases. "MINE MINE MINE!!!" seems to be her new favorite. 

Well there's not much new to report here. I think things are going to slow down for a bit before Thanksgiving & Christmas, which I'm excited about! Hope you're doing well! We miss you like crazy here!

God Bless, 

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Dear Kacie: Rain, Dog Poop, and the Animal in my Belly

Dear Kacie,

Pacific Northwest better is in full force right now. Here's the forecast this past week:
Monday: Rain
Tuesday: Pouring Down Rain
Wednesday: Cloudy, but surprise it's going to down pour on you when you least expect it.
Thursday: Rain.
Friday: Rain and hair tangling wind.
Saturday: Rivers falling down from heaven, literally.
Sunday: Sunny! Just kidding it rained.
But today was actually nice, it was nice and cold but James and I went to the park and a walk with some awesome friends. Gotta get some vitamin D when we can!

Today, I also decided to pick up dog poop! I got paranoid that Bailee wouldn't have a place to poop anymore and that she would start stepping in it so I decided to venture out and pick it up. EW. Big mistake. I am pregnant. It stinks. It is huge. It It is mushy. I stepped in it. I love our pup. She is so sweet. But seriously how does all that crap (literally) come out of my dog. Does she poop 5 times a day?  Anyways, I could do without the poop. No more poop.

In other news, Little Brother is such a mover! It is like a have a Mexican jumping bean dancing around in my belly. Big Brother aka James was not like this. I could predict where he was going to kick and when. Little Brother decided anytime, anywhere is a good time to kick. For example, on my bladder when I am trying to sleep. My ribs when I am trying to cook dinner. Silly boy. Keeps me on my toes!

How is fall in Hungary? I hope it is nicer than here. Also, daylight savings is soon and mix that with my toddler. Pray for me.