Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Dear Kacie: Rain, Dog Poop, and the Animal in my Belly

Dear Kacie,

Pacific Northwest better is in full force right now. Here's the forecast this past week:
Monday: Rain
Tuesday: Pouring Down Rain
Wednesday: Cloudy, but surprise it's going to down pour on you when you least expect it.
Thursday: Rain.
Friday: Rain and hair tangling wind.
Saturday: Rivers falling down from heaven, literally.
Sunday: Sunny! Just kidding it rained.
But today was actually nice, it was nice and cold but James and I went to the park and a walk with some awesome friends. Gotta get some vitamin D when we can!

Today, I also decided to pick up dog poop! I got paranoid that Bailee wouldn't have a place to poop anymore and that she would start stepping in it so I decided to venture out and pick it up. EW. Big mistake. I am pregnant. It stinks. It is huge. It It is mushy. I stepped in it. I love our pup. She is so sweet. But seriously how does all that crap (literally) come out of my dog. Does she poop 5 times a day?  Anyways, I could do without the poop. No more poop.

In other news, Little Brother is such a mover! It is like a have a Mexican jumping bean dancing around in my belly. Big Brother aka James was not like this. I could predict where he was going to kick and when. Little Brother decided anytime, anywhere is a good time to kick. For example, on my bladder when I am trying to sleep. My ribs when I am trying to cook dinner. Silly boy. Keeps me on my toes!

How is fall in Hungary? I hope it is nicer than here. Also, daylight savings is soon and mix that with my toddler. Pray for me.


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