Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Dear June: Fall is here!

Hi June!

Krowaysha sounds amazing. Maybe you could take me there one day. Dad and Mom aren't sure when we'll be able to visit you yet so maybe I'll visit by myself? I think I have enough saved up but I guess that is supposed to go towards my college. What is that?

It is officially FALL. Which means my birthday is soon. It is breezy, rainy, and getting gloomy. Luckily my bum stays nice and warm with my fuzzy cloth diaper. We went to the pumpkin patch the other weekend. No one told me that pumpkins were big round balls that are too heavy to pick up.  I saw these huge birds that followed me around wherever I walked. They sure were scary looking. I stuck my finger in the cage but Dad was right there to tell me "no". Not one of our favorite words. But I guess he saved my finger. I've been needing it lately to ease the pain of my molars coming in.
Crazy birds eye-balling me.
With fall comes change. Did you here the news? I am going to have a Baby Brother! Mom and Dad even let me name him. I decided on Cars but Mom and Dad will call him TJ. It's my favorite movie, word, and toy so I thought it would be appropriate to name him that. Also, my title has changed from "the baby" to "big brother". Dad said something about being helpful and sharing. No thanks.
My brother, Cars.
Well that's all that's going on for now! Babble soon?

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