Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Dear James: Long Time, No Toddler Babble

Hey boyfriend (read "Hay boyfran")! It's been awhile so I just wanted to say hello! Hello! Ok bye!

Just kidding! I really miss you! I think know you would love my school. We get to play and eat all morning. It's great! The outside part has a bunch of toys and sand to throw in your hair.

We just got back from Krowaysha. I think that's how you spell it. Here were my favorite and least favorite parts:

This beach was so cool. There was almost no one there so I had all the sand to myself. Mommy said the water was freezing but I think 60 degrees is just warm enough! Daddy caught a crab to show me. Not sure about that one. But I definitely want to come back here again. 

And now my least favorite part. We were in this awesome cemetery and there was a pretty candle. Daddy said not to touch it, but you know I'm addicted to doing things I know I shouldn't! I mean, come on Mom & Dad! You should know this by now! I'm fine now, but I definitely blame the parents for this one.

Not much else is going on here. I think we're going to Italy soon. That should be fun. I know Mom is really looking forward to stocking up on some American food at the commissary there. Maybe I'll be really good so they'll buy me some cookies. Or I'll have a meltdown so they'll buy me some cookies. We'll see how I'm feeling that day.

I really miss you friend! We should have a Skype date soon! I want to hear all about Fall in the PNW!

God Bless, 

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