Monday, March 9, 2015

Mommy-On-The-Go Box Swap

We recently decided to team up with the ladies over at Orchard Girls for a Mommy-On-The-Go box swap. Box swaps are a great way to discover new products. There are so many possibilities! To participate in a box swap just choose a theme (What's In The Diaper Bag, Spa Day at Home, ect.) and someone to swap with. You each choose items that you would use and send them to the other person. It was funny to see how many things we actually did differently. Kenzie and Kayla were so creative and thoughtful with their box! Check out their post here

Thanks for the help, James & June!
Let's take a look at what we got!

Travel wipes cases: These flexible cases are perfect for any diaper bag. And they hold more wipes than a traditional hard case.

Disposable bags: Hey, messes happen and sometimes throwing dirty clothes/diapers straight in a diaper bag can be an insult on your sense of smell. Seal it off with these bags!

Lip balm: When chapped lips are the last thing you need to deal with!

Gum: No one likes stinky breath!

Hand sanitizer: When soap and water just aren't handy.

Spray disinfectant: Shopping carts, restaurant high chairs, playground equipment...Let's be honest. How clean are they?

Stain remover: Kids like to share their messiness.

Tissue: Their boogers...your boogers...we all got 'em!

Small cosmetic bag: Perfect for keeping all the small items together! And it's super cute!

Reusable shopping bag: Kenzie & Kayla reminded us that this bag is perfect for items that won't fit in your diaper bag.

Snack cookies: Don't worry about sneaking a few of these for yourself. They're actually pretty good!

Emergency toy: For when the toys you keep in the diaper bag and the car just aren't cutting it.

Snack cups: These cups are great for keeping snacks contained and they're great with little ones are learning to feed themselves.

Stroller/car seat blanket: This beautiful blanket came from Orchardbaby Boutique (opening later this monthy). It's the perfect size, so so soft, and we LOVE the print! Be sure to drop by their store in just a couple of weeks to snag one for yourself!

If you have young kids, chances are you're going to need all of these items at some point. So keep everything in the glove compartment or a plastic bin in your car.

What items do you keep close by when you're on the go?

God Bless,

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