Friday, February 6, 2015

5 Things I'd Tell My Newlywed Self

This month we're kicking off a "5 Things I'd Tell My _____ Self" series. We're compiling a list of some of the sage advice we wish we could have given ourselves at different stages of life. Whether you're in these stages, haven't come to them yet, or have long since passed them, we hope you enjoy it! So to start things off here are 5 things we wish we could have told our newlywed selves:

  • It's OK when the honeymoon is over (literally and figuratively). Being in the real world together can be so much more romantic. My honeymoon was amazing. Loved every second of it. But we were so excited to get back to reality and experience true married life.
  • Your arguments/discussions will change. You could argue over how to properly slice a tomato...*cough*....Jillianne. :) Or maybe you dig deeper into financial differences or thoughts on a future family. But don't for a second quit communicating. Talking through it is the only way to get through it. 
  • There's always more to learn about your spouse. It doesn't matter how long you dated or if you've known them since you were a kid. You have a lifetime ahead of you to truly know your partner. The wedding was not the finish line! 
  • Never stop dating your spouse. Always strive for a better relationship. This could mean doing something as simple as going for a walk after dinner. Or maybe it's a night out on the town with dinner and a movie. We definitely understand busy schedules, so if your date night means running to the grocery store with your spouse, soak it up! Enjoy it! Don't let these moments pass you by!
  • And most importantly, make God the foundation of your marriage. Marriage is a vow between 3 people. To make this work you have to love God more than your spouse. Telling you to love someone more than your spouse may seem odd advice for a newlywed, but putting Christ in the center of your relationship will be the glue that holds it together. 
Did this advice help? We're still constantly learning how to be married. Honestly, I hope we never feel like we have all the answers. Learning about and how to be with my husband is such an amazing experience. 

What advice would you give yourself when you were a newlywed?

Happy Friday! God Bless,

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