Friday, February 13, 2015

5 Things I'd Tell My Pre-Child Self

Deciding it is time to have little ones running around is such an exciting time in life! Whether you are waiting for the right time or in the middle of trying to conceive, the process does take an emotional toll on you. Here are 5 things we would tell ourselves as we went through this season in life.

  • Pray about it. Trying or not trying, pray about it. Sometimes it is hard with all the external factors to find peace about your situation. Getting tired of people constantly asking you when you're going to have a baby? Pray for grace to handle the situation well and understanding. Trying and it hasn't happened quite yet? Pray for God's timing and guidance on what to do to be revealed to you. Overall, pray for God's peace for your situation and never hesitate to ask for prayer too! This is something my husband and I do with everything so that we can be confident in our decisions we make as a family.

  • Be prepared. Have a pre-conception meeting with your doctor, track your monthly cycle and ovulation, and start saving money. Little steps like these are great for helping you feel a little bit of peace in taking this big step in your life. Biology aside, the journey to having a child is a roller coaster and prepping yourself to the best of your ability (and letting the good Lord take care of the rest) always helps a little.
  • Communicate, communicate, communicate. Make sure you and your spouse are on the same page, create goals together, get specific, don't leave any detail un-turned. You want to be on the same wave length as your partner. My husband and I talked about every little concern, our worries, and how we felt going into trying and getting pregnant. Holding things in and letting it explode later is never the way to go. Lastly, keep the conversation going. When I was ready and my husband wasn't ready to have a baby, we still talked about it and voiced our opinions. It's okay to have differing opinions so make sure you discuss and reconnect with each other so you can get on the same page, make new goals together, and move toward those goals.
  • Ignore everyone else. Friends might think you're too young to have kids, family make you think you need to get going on making some grandchildren, or everyone else is having babies so you feel like you need to get on that train before it leaves the station. Do what is best for your family. By all means take advice from those whose opinions you value most, but at the end of the day you and your spouse need to make this decision without external pressure and opinions. 
  • You'll never be 100% ready. When taking a big step in life, there may always be a little sense of doubt or worry. Don't let that stop you especially when you've been confident in your decision to have a child. Just pray.
Are you in this season of life right now? Let us know and we will be praying for you :)


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