Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Dear Kacie: Weaned, 22 months

Dear Kacie,

After 22 months, James is weaned. Whoa. I never thought I would say that since I  thought he would never self wean off the boob. I've always believed to each their own when it comes to nursing and I am glad I chose to let him lead the way. I know I had my heart set on weaning him at a year old but miserable momma + miserable baby = not worth it. In the end I am blessed that I have been able to nurse this far.

I know that from your experience with June that weaning comes with bittersweet emotions. I thought that the second he weaned himself I would be doing a happy dance. You know that one you do when the kiddo has finally went to bed? But instead I bawled like a baby. It's times like this I wish you were still here so we could commemorate this moment with some Netflix with a pint of Ben and Jerry's or a Target trip.

 I will always cherish the bond that nursing brought for Little Man and me since we got off to a rough start. I thought James would love me less since we didn't have the bond through nursing but of course I was wrong. He cuddles more and comes up and gives me kisses without me asking. Such a sweet boy.

I also discovered how much I missed a normal bra! Last night Dear Husband saw me put my nursing bra in the laundry basket and he said, "You know you don't have to wear those anymore..." So I put one of my pre-pregnancy bras on this morning before heading to the dentist and I felt like a brand new woman. No snaps on my bra and not having to think about "Will this shirt be easy to nurse in?". It was weird!

So, how was your day? Can't wait to hear about another Hungarian adventure!

Love and Blessings,

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