Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Letting Him Lead

When you played follow the leader on the playground, what was the best position to be in? At the very end, obviously.

Just kidding.

But really it was being the one leading the group and being the leader right? Everyone liked to be the leader, to be the one in charge. Sometimes when it comes to my husband's and I spiritual relationship I like to lead. I'll be the one to say we're going to this church, we need to read our Bibles more, or we're lacking in this area with God. Deep in my heart I know that my husband is the spiritual leader of our family but that little bit if Jillianne that says, "I need to be in control" seems to get in the way.

We experienced a miscarriage. This was something I had dealt with quietly and to myself for a while since my husband was away. When he came back home, I had been so used to being in control and dealing with things my way that I had forgotten what it was like to have someone lead me to the feet of Christ. But when I relinquished that control and allowed my husband to lead me to God's peace I began to get back to the place where I don't have to have a hold on everything because I have a husband who brings me to the One who does. Letting my husband lead allowed me to notice things that he does for me and our family and the things God's does through him.

He prays with me. Not only do my husband and I pray for each other but he prays with me. Sometimes all I need is for him to reach for my hands, bring me close and we come together as one before the Lord. Eloquently spoken and poetic words are not my husband's strong suit but when we pray together the Lord's heart just flows out of him.
He wasn't my hero. God is going to be my ultimate hero. I realize  that for men, coming to your wife's rescue is the macho and honorable thing to do. Honestly, I just needed my husband to sit, listen, and let me cry.
He keeps me in check. Sometimes my flesh burns (not literally of course) when my husband shows me something in my life that isn't glorify God. I actually get mad at him. I hate that I am not being a godly mother or wife at the time but the fact that dear hubby catches me is something that I need.
He keeps God the center. Not only does my husband keep my accountable for my actions but he backs it up with scripture. It is a good reminder for me to remember God in all I do and it shows me that my husband is keeping God #1 and keeping His word in his heart.

I love that I let my man lead. I get to see the strong leader that God has called Him to become and I get to humble the controlling spirit within me.

How does your husband lead you and your family?


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