Tuesday, June 30, 2015

What My Toddler Taught Me About Jesus

I want to teach my toddler about Jesus. So I try. Try is the key word.

We read a children's Bible every night. It goes a little something like this...
"Ok Little Man, let's read our Bible story for the night!"
I grab Little Man and sit him in my lap and start to read.
He gets up. Grabs his truck book and shoves it in my face instead of Bible.
"Let's read a quick Bible story first, okay bud?"
Back into my lap he goes.
Repeat this 20 times until the story is over.

We also pray during meal times, which go a little better...
"Alright! Who is ready to pray?"
Little James puts his hands together and bows his head.
I start our little prayer which is literally a 5 second prayer.
2 seconds into prayer, little James is already saying AMEN!
Sometimes I say let's pray and they .00000001 seconds later he starts the AMEN!

Kinda cute right? And you're probably thinking, "ummm Jillianne, toddlers don't sit still and are always on the move...duh!" And I realize that and I am happy with our effort to teach our son about Jesus and how wonderful He is! But there are times in our effort to show Little Man Jesus that I get frustrated because I just want him to listen to this cool Bible story! But through it all I came to realize something. Jesus doesn't force me to sit down and read a story or force me to pray a certain way. He died on the cross for me and the simple act of me accepting His love into my life was enough for Him.

So the next time my toddler's prayer is .00005 seconds and a simple AMEN I will rejoice and be glad! Or if I get one sentence of our Bible story out and I have to read it while little James runs around the room, it'll be okay. Just loving on my child and helping him grow into an awesome man of God is enough. He is a year and half old for crying out loud! I'll just stop and tell myself. "Breathe Jillianne. Just love on him and show him Jesus."


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