Monday, November 17, 2014

Harvest Week: Traditions

Welcome to Harvest Week! By now I'm sure you've busted out your favorite Thanksgiving decorations and started making those delicious Fall treats. We thought we'd devote a whole week to sharing our favorite traditions (old & new), recipes, decorations, and crafts for this festive season. So sit back and enjoy!

I sure do miss the UT vs. A&M games. Luckily there's still plenty of football to be enjoyed after a hearty meal!
We were able to travel back home for Thanksgiving a few years in a row and thoroughly enjoyed the time by camping! It's one of our favorite activities and Hubby's family really knows how to do it up! One year we decided to cook a Mexican themed meal (tamales) instead of the traditional Thanksgiving fare. We loved exploring new recipes so much that we spent the next few years creating new menu themes like Italian (lasagna), Asian (egg rolls & noodle dishes), and back to turkey & dressing.
This year we plan on starting a new tradition: writing down what we're thankful for. Sine we're a new family of three, this will be a fun way to see how we've grown in the coming years.

A lot of Thanksgiving traditions involve football and our family is no different. We always watch the Apple Cup, a rivalry between our alma mater, WSU, and their rival, UW. It is usually the day after Thanksgiving so we look at it as wrapping up our Thanksgiving festivities. While watching the game, we usually put up Christmas lights and decor around the house to bring in the spirit of Christmas. This is something my husband and I started when we first got married and still continue it every year. With my husband's job, sometimes the decorations don't go up right after Thanksgiving but it still gets done eventually and being able to do it together is what makes our traditions special.

Now that we have started a family and have a little one, I wanted to start a new tradition: The Thankful Jar. Starting after Thanksgiving, we will have a designated jar to put things we are thankful for in. It will bein the same place all year round with a pen and paper near by. When we think of something we are thankful for, we'll write it down, stick it in the jar, and come Thanksgiving we'll read everything thing we have to be thankful for each year, then start all over. We have so much to have gratitude for and Thanksgiving is a wonderful time of year to celebrate it.

What are some of your family's favorite Thanksgiving traditions?
Do you plan on starting any new traditions this year?

God Bless,

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