Friday, November 7, 2014

Life Update

We've been extra busy these last few weeks here at James & June. Halloween has come and gone and we'd like to share a quick update on our lives.

We were able to make our own costumes this year and the kiddos looked extra cute! The babes were Pebbles and Bam Bam while the Mommies were Wilma Flinstone and Betty Rubble. Here are a few pictures of their first time trick-or-treating:

Aren't they precious!?

They lasted about 2 hot seconds in that wagon!

Trick-or-Treating is especially fun with babies.
You get to keep all the candy for yourself!

Little James had his first birthday party over the weekend and it was so fun to get to celebrate with family and friends. Turning 1 is a huge milestone, especially for Mommas and especially emotionally! Just like everyone says, a year truly does go by too quickly! Here is a little peek into Little James' party!

We chose to have an airplane themed party, with so many fun decorations. I did everything very simple since we had a lot of people attending and of course the focus was on Little Man and socializing. A lot of the decor also came from Etsy. I found an airplane themed party package that was printable which cut my cost down and of course it was cute and perfect for Little Man's party!

I wanted to show how much James has grown so I printed our his monthly photos that I took. I backed them with kraft paper and put them up on our fireplace mantle for guests to look at. Putting it all up really put into perspective how fast this year has flown!

I have been seeing these cute chalkboard signs for birthdays and wanted to have one for little James. I found this on Etsy also and printed it out myself.

We had some propeller pops and airplane-shaped Rice Krispie treats for dessert that were both yummy! They were hard to make at first but totally worth it and very cute! Instead of cake, we had cupcakes with little cupcake toppers.

I didn't want to sugar shock Little Man, so I made a healthy, no sugar cake for home. For natural sweetness, the frosting was cream cheese with apple juice and the bulk of the cake was bananas and apple sauce.

 Here are the little co-pilots during the party! Aren't they the cutest!?

I hope you enjoyed catching up with us! We have some exciting this coming up for the end of the year as well as the new year. Can you believe we are heading towards the New Year already?


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