Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Day In A Life Of A One Year Old

Day In A Life of Little James: My First Day as a 1 Year Old
Little James wanted his turn at writing a post, so here is his blog debut! Turning one is a big deal so he wanted to share about his first day as a big, 1 year old boy!
Hi there! I am finally 1 year old. Today I woke up to Mommy and Daddy all excited and telling me “happy birthday”. I am usually not a morning person and today was no different, so I fussed a little bit. They brought me downstairs and where my toys usually are, I found some fun boxes wrapped in paper called presents! My pup helped me open them, what fun!

Then we ate breakfast, but instead of my usual fruit and oatmeal, I had something else! I had a special birthday breakfast that consisted of apple oatmeal and my very own pancakes made by Daddy. They were so yummy!

Soon after, I got tired and went down for my first nap. I never like to nap because I don’t want to miss a thing so I protested a bit. But Mommy knows when I am tired and put me my crib.
When I wake up, I like to yell for Mommy or Daddy to get me. I’ve got new toys to play with and things to get into so I like to make sure they get me right away! Mommy came to my rescue and changed my diaper and got me dressed for the day. Having my diaper changed multiple times a day get monotonous so I like to keep Mommy on her toes by turning over on my belly when she least expects it.
Now it is playtime! I spent lots of time with Daddy and Mommy, and of course Bailee. We played with my new toys. I started to get hungry so we had some lunch. I am not a big fan of squash but I ate it anyways so I can grow big and strong. Being a busy boy, I became tired again. The second I rubbed my eyes and let out a big yawn, Daddy scooped me up and put me down for nap #2. I didn’t even protest. That was how tired I was!

After nap time, Grandma J and Grandpa J stopped by and brought over some more presents! Of course my pup came to help again.

I had a nice dinner of sweet peas and cheese. Did you know that baby food also doubles as awesome hair gel? I decided I needed a new look so I put some in my hair. When I thought dinner was done, Daddy brought out a special treat. A cake! It was little and shaped like an airplane. It had a bright light on it which I tried to grab but Daddy wouldn't let me touch it. It was so pretty, then he blew it out after they sang “happy birthday” to me. Then something awesome happened. Daddy put my cake in front of me and I just went for it! Boy was it yummy!

I was quite the mess so it was bath and bedtime. Grandma J got me a cool new bath toy I got to play with. I also found an awesome new toy in the tub. It is silver and when I put it out, the water goes away! Since the water left, it was time to get out and get ready for bed. I ate one last bedtime snack with Mommy, and it was off to bed. Being 1 is awesome and I love it.
Little James

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