Friday, October 10, 2014

Friday Favorites: May Designs Planner

I have a handful of friends that are AMAZING at organization and keep immaculate planners. They are so talented and find the best planners. I, on the other hand, don’t have an organized bone in my body. But, I am working on finding an organization style that works for me especially in the areas of clutter and time. Right now I am tackling time.
I have rifled through planner after planner. I have often switched planners twice in a year, in an attempt to reorder my life. Indecisive much? Yup. Then I came across May Designs. Their planners had everything I needed. Here is why…
  • They are simple and minimalist. There is a calendar for each month and the weeks. This is all I need. A month for things I am doing and a section to write to do lists. The weekly calendars do seem small but I like to keep my to do lists simple and small, spending more time with my son and husband. Also with it being small, I am less likely to write lists a mile long.

Monthly View
Weekly View
  • They are compact and durable. They measure 5x8 inches and fit into a purse and are lightweight. I literally can throw this in my bag and you wouldn’t even know it’s there. It has survived attempted tearing and biting by my 11 month old. Disclaimer: Not all babies are created equal, so be careful when it is around a little one!
  • They are cute. Who doesn’t love cute notebooks! I chose a white planner with teal polka dots. I just love polka dot everything. I was even able to personalize it with my name but for privacy reasons I covered that part.

The only thing I struggled with was the price. It was a little over my budget so I waited for a sale, but they have some awesome ones! But now that I have actually used one and love it, I wouldn't mind buying it when it is full price the next time I need one.

Be sure to check out May Designs  and their Facebook page for sales!

What kind of planner do you use and love?

How do you organize it?

**Disclaimer** This is not a sponsored post. All opinions belong to me, the writer. Thank you!

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