Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Pumpkin Week: Pumpkin Spice Trail Mix and M&Ms

Today is all about trail mix and a trail mix staple, M&Ms. YUM! Pumpkin is so popular these days that everyone tries to put it in everything, which being a fellow pumpkin lover, I do not mind and love to spend some of our grocery budget trying new pumpkin products.

Trail mix always makes for a great snack. At Target, I found their Archer Farms Monster Trail Mix (your basic peanuts, M&Ms, raisins, and peanut butter chips) in Pumpkin Spice. Everything was the same except for the M&Ms are Pumpkin Spice, and the candy chips are a festive orange and brown, and all are doused in pumpkin spice seasoning. Pumpkin just exploded over trail mix! If you are a big pumpkin spice fan and don't want it in a form of a drink, this is definitely for you.

I love me some M&Ms. Give me a bag small bag, you know ones you see when you are checking out of the grocery store, and an hour of Gilmore Girls and you can call the bag of M&Ms demolished. So then we had to try Pumpkin Spice M&Ms. If you like M&Ms they are great. Although if you are looking for the pumpkin spice, the taste it faint and very subtle. There were only a few we could taste a pumpkin spice but they were still yummy!

Are there any pumpkin or pumpkin spice snacks you would recommend? We are all for trying them!

Happy Harvest Blessings,

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