Thursday, November 20, 2014

Harvest Week: Turkey Craft

We love to get crafty here at James & June and we're hoping to instill this into our kids' hearts early as well. Everyone loves a good hand/footprint craft so why not get festive...and maybe a little messy! We created our own Pinterest inspired turkey craft to do with little ones as well as older kiddos.

We've attached some printables for you to customize your turkey! Below you'll find a printable turkey, turkey outline (in case you're older ones feel like coloring), and several backgrounds to choose from. Get creative! Just "feather out" Little Ones' painted hand or footprints, then cut and paste the turkey cut out over it! So simple and so cute!

Here is everything you'll need:
-Printable Turkey (find below)
-Background (find below)
-Construction Paper for mounting (optional)

Here are some pictures of our playgroup getting in on the fun:

Painting with baby feet is HARD! Our turkeys came out different but equally cute! What a great way to remember how tiny our babies' feet once were. 

How did your's turn out? We want to see!
Do you have any other turkey crafts you like to create with your kids?

God Bless,

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