Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Joyful Week: Traditions

Here are some of our favorite Christmas traditions, old and new:

Growing up, Christmas Eve was always spent with my dad's side of the family. But after they all decided to go party in heaven with Jesus, we needed a new tradition. We decided to go see a movie on Christmas Eve one year and after loving it so much, we made it our new tradition! We like to see lighthearted, family movies. Its so much fun to laugh together! 
One year my parents got me a Christmas ornament that was a lamb holding a cake that said "Happy Birthday, Jesus!" on it. What better way to celebrate than to sing to the most miraculous birthday boy ever! It's a fun reminder of what Christmas is all about.
Who doesn't love looking at Christmas lights? I prefer the simple white outlined houses while pretty much everyone else in my family is more impressed by the multicolored light shows set to music. What's your style?
Now that we have a little one, I'd like to start a new tradition with our little family! Every Christmas Eve, our children will get one gift to open. It'll have new Christmas pajamas, a new movie, and some yummy winter treats like hot chocolate and popcorn. Then we can all sit down as a family in our new PJs and watch a funny movie. Movie theaters can be a little crazy with kiddos so this will be a nice relaxing evening at home. 

Operation Christmas child has been something my husband and I started doing together since before we were married.  I love being being able to make a special box for a child, and to add to that hear the message of Christ. Now that we have our son, we definitely want to have him join in on this tradition. Even though he is still a baby, I want to instill in him a heart of giving from the very beginning. I also enjoy making spritz cookies. They are so simple and easy and just get me in the Christmas spirit. Since the recipe I have makes so many, it is nice to give as gifts too. We also love to drive around our neighborhood and look at everyone's Christmas lights. I love how a decorated house gives off a such a warm feeling in the middle of winter. Lastly, we like to open one present each on Christmas Eve. It is something I always did with my family growing up and it kind of just stuck around when we got married.

What kind of Christmas traditions do you an your family have?
Any new traditions you plan on starting?

God Bless,

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