Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Dear June: It's HOT

Dear June,

How is Hungary? My Mommy already said she is excited to visit you and misses you. I miss you too. Mostly miss stealing my toys from you. Do you miss stealing my snacks from me?

Things here are same old, same old. Except for it's HOT, which means the only thing I'm wearing these days is my diaper and playing in the water. Don't get mad but you forgot Yoda here. I am taking good care of him and will send him to you as soon as I can. He makes for a good car buddy.

So I played with the Play-Doh you gave me. It is a lot of fun! I tried to eat it a few times but Mommy kept saying it isn't food. It's pretty salty anyway. I also mixed a few colors and realized I did not like it.Mommy had to come to my rescue and pull apart the colors. I learned my lesson and kept each color in their own space from then on.

I wanted to ask, how was the plane ride? Any tips for when I travel next? Talk to you later!

See ya,

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