Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Dear Kacie: Adjusting

Dear Kacie,

I miss you. How is the jet lag today?

Can you believe you've been gone a week? Seems like it's been longer. We never really saw each other everyday so not seeing you hasn't been so strange but not talking to you everyday has been an adjustment. The spontaneous trips to Target, texting each other everyday, and Farmer's Market trips are what I'll miss the most I think. And who is going to binge watch the second season of "Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt" with me!?

And I know you (jokingly) told me that I couldn't have a life after you left. Well, no worries. I haven't had much to do because it has been blazing HOT! You know Little James loves being outside all the time but you know it's too hot when even he decides to run back into the house. Although we have ventured out to Ross and Target. Two precious words: Air Conditioning. Don't judge but I went to Target two days in a row. And Dear Husband came with me both times. In all fairness we needed to return something the second time we went but walked out with supplies to make Italian sodas.

You know when you move to a new place and everything seems new, scary, yet fresh? Of course you know, you moved to a whole different country! Well that's how I feel right now.  L is on vacation and you're across the world so I feel like I am adjusting to a new life. I mean constanty adjusting is something our military life comes with so it's normal but at the same time I miss the tight knit friendship we had and our little quirks.

Speaking of fresh, little James and I are making new friends! We have had a few playdates with a new friend and it has been fun. But no worries, we miss you and little June so much and we can't wait to visit!

Talk to you soon,

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