Friday, September 19, 2014

Friday Favorites: Baby Ball Pit

Is it just me, or are the multipurpose baby toys not the best thing ever!? We were blessed to receive a play mat/ball pit at our baby shower. It is by far one of June's favorites.
When she was itty bitty and not moving around, the bright toys strung across the top held her attention more than anything else. When she started to wiggle around, putting up the sides of the ball pit created a small ring for her to spin around in. She loves the soft mat with the colorful characters.
Now that Little One is scooting all over the place, the walls definitely don't keep her in or out of the ball pit. But the challenge of rolling in and out keeps her entertained for quite awhile. She's still working on sitting up by herself, but once she's more stable we can sit her up in it with the walls up and all the balls around her. Can't wait!
It's just an all around entertaining toy. Definitely worth looking into! It grows with baby and it's fun to watch her develop and utilize different parts of the play mat as she matures.

Do your kids have a multipurpose toy that they love?
I know some babies don't like their play mats. Any other play mats out there that your Little Ones love or hate?

If you have any questions about other toys that we have or if you're not sure what to register for/buy for your Little Ones, just let us know! We're happy to help!

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  1. We love the swings where the seat is the bouncer. Although, I think we are going to sell it in the next yard sale and hope to buy a 4Moms swing off craigslist when #3 is in the picture.