Monday, September 15, 2014

Mommy Monday: A Day In The Life Of June

June's been bugging me to share her side of what her day looks like. So here she is in her blogging debut: Baby June.

Hi there! I thought you'd like to know how I spend a typical day at home. It's pretty exciting, so hold on tight!

I woke up this morning at 7:20am. I don't have a usual wake up time because I like to keep Mommy on her toes. Sometimes it's 6:30, sometimes 8:15. It's one of my favorite games.

I usually play in my crib for a little bit and get the vocal cords warmed up. I talk to myself and play with my best friends, the crib bumpers. Once I'm bored with that, I yell really loud and Mommy magically appears in my room!

She takes me downstairs, gives me a bottle, and changes my diaper. I don't like to sit still during diaper changes so it's probably a good thing she does both at the same time.

Yummy breakfast!

After that, Mommy usually eats some baby food. At least I think it's baby food. It's in a small container and says "yogurt" on the side. Whatever it is, I want it. The dog and I wait until she's done.

"You can have it first dog. But then it's mine!"

Mingo's favorite snack!

Probably the best toy ever!

Mommy and I play for a little bit, but I get tired pretty fast in the morning. Somehow she always knows when I'm ready for a nap when all I do is rub my eyes a couple times.

In the spirit of keeping it loose, I like to change up the length of my naps. Sometimes I take quick 30 minute power snooze, and other times I pass out for 2 hours. Today I opted for the 1 hour nap. Although I usually wake up happy and refreshed, I just wasn't feeling it today. A few screams later, there was Mommy again!

After a wardrobe change, she let me play in the jumper while she worked on her sewing machine. Now the jumper and I have a love/hate relationship. Today I decided I didn't like it. So we went downstairs for some more playtime. I stopped for a quick snack then I was back to work! I practiced sitting up and drinking out of a straw. Not really sure how I feel about that for now.

"Sorry Bouncer, you're too awesome for me today."

"How do the big people do this?!"

After awhile I started getting sleepy and decided it was time for another nap. How long should I sleep for this time? Hmm guess we'll just wait and see!

An hour seemed to do the trick this time. I didn't wake up cranky and I think Mommy liked that. Because I was in such a good mood, I decided to watch Monsters, Inc. I like to snack when I watch movies, too.

Right after the movie ended, Daddy came home! I love it when he comes home! He helps me practice sitting up and he's really good at making me laugh. He makes the silliest noises!

"I've got some big shoes to fill!"

Before I knew it, it was time for another snooze! I made this one a short catnap so I could have enough energy to go play again. When I got up I got to watch a Robert Downey, Jr. movie. Not sure what it was, but I'm pretty sure I could watch him all day. Hubba hubba!

Love me some RDJ!

Next I got to eat some yummy bananas. I haven't found a food I don't like. I love to eat! Then I got to watch some Baby Einstein. Sound like I watch a lot of TV? Don't worry, I have the world's shortest attention span so I never watch anything too long.

One of my favorite things is our evening walk to the park. I love to watch the dog play fetch and Mommy and Daddy even help me go down the slide sometimes. The grass is really green and soft and I love to crawl around in it.

Yes, I did change clothes again. 

I sure am going to miss this nice summertime grass!

"I'm a big girl! I can do it myself!"

Things usually happen pretty fast once we get home from the park. I make sure Mommy and Daddy don't get a rest until I'm sound asleep. First, I get super fussy until they shovel food into my mouth at lightening speed. Then I get whisked upstairs for my bath. Sometimes I like to play and splash for awhile. But other times, like tonight, I basically scream the whole time. Then we rush downstairs where I'm so impatient for my bedtime bottle that Mommy and Daddy have to give it to me before I even have a diaper on! After I eat I get dressed in some really comfy pajamas. Tonight I played for a hot second before I was too cranky to stay awake. Then it's upstairs for an early bedtime. I'll probably be up early to play with Mommy so she better go to sleep soon, too!

Who doesn't love a Jane-O-Lantern
sleeper in September!?

Well, I hope you enjoyed my daily routine. It's not much, but I sure do love it!

What do you like to do during the day?
Do you have a routine or do you like to keep things loose like me?

God Bless,

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