Monday, September 8, 2014

Mommy Monday: Why Mommy Dates at Target are a MUST!


Over the weekend, Kacie and I went to Target. All I mentioned was Target and you got a little excited right?! We even went without the kiddos and our husbands. The boys stayed at home to Watch the Texas Longhorn vs. BYU game.

Yes it happened, and yes it was relaxing and glorious. Don't get me wrong, I love doing errands as a family, I mean my favorite thing to do with my husband is grocery shopping. But, there was something about taking our time through the baby and girly isles of the store without hearing, "What do you need that for?" or "Are you almost done?" We were good and only wandered around half of the store, brought home pizza for our men, only mostly bought things we needed, and relieved them of their daddy duties afterwards. So here are some legitimate reasons why mommy dates at Target are a must.

1. Who else can you talk about baby stuff without getting annoyed?
 Both our little ones are at the age to start exploring the sippy cups, so we checked out the baby section. We spent about 15 minutes alone in the sippy cup isle. We literally spent that whole time talking about sippy cups since there were 50 to choose from. Who knew that so much could go into choosing a sippy cup? We talked about straw suction, spillage, functionality, cuteness, and price. It was all important and if my husband were to have me talk his ear off about all this stuff, he would have left and ran to the electronic section 30 seconds into the conversation.

2. You can look at mommy clothes without feeling bad.
Chances are if you're a mom, you have mommy style. If you are one of those mommies that are put together and have time to get dressed all pretty, I applaud you. I am nowhere near that yet! Loose clothing that if pulled on doesn't reveal anything, tank tops, and comfy workout clothes are my wardrobe. We walked through women's clothing section looking at v-neck shirts, cardigans, tank tops, and the clearance section. My kind of shopping trip! When I go with my sister (who is 22 years old) she heads for the young spunky stuff and buys cute stuff not on sale. Truthfully, she is working and going to school so she can spend that money on herself. I miss those days. As for me, if I can't nurse in it properly and if my child can expose my boob, it's staying on the rack.

3. You have someone to laugh at things with. 
We went to go look at bras. No shame here. Women can look at bras together freely like they look at clothing. There was one bra that was on the hanger Kacie saw that said it was a 36B but in no way was it that size. We looked at the tag and it was a 32A. We both laughed and joked that if that was truly a 36B then Kacie and I were in the triple letters in bra size. Now it is a little less funny, but instead of laughing awkwardly to myself I had a good laugh with a best friend.

4. The random stuff are a must to look at.
I love to hit up the random dollar section at Target. It is almost a ritual to make it my first stop upon entering Target. I also like to look at the cute little notebooks and the chocolate section as well. I love how these things are also things that matter to Kacie. It's the little things.

5. Sharing a cart helps.
Now as much as we would love to go crazy at Target and buy every little thing that catches our eye, we do like to be responsible and not spend money like it's the air we breathe. Sharing a cart so you both can put your stuff in it instead of taking two carts and filling both up, saves the bank and keeps us accountable. And plus, sharing is caring right?

6. It's just a good ol' time.
Kacie and I are both women who need a little retail therapy once in a while. We still talk about our babies and miss them dearly. We talk about all things about being married, new mommas, and military spouses. We need the girl time and even it if it something as simple as going to our favorite store and browsing around, we have fun.

Lastly, we leave you with this video that explains what every mom feels going to Target particularly at 0:38 seconds, that was so Kacie and me. (On the inside of course)

Do you have a  girlfriend or group of friends that you love to go shopping with?
What store is your store of choice to have a mommy date in?


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