Thursday, August 28, 2014

Anything Can Happen Thursday: America's Favorite Pastime

My husband and I are baseball fans. Growing up I loved watching the Seattle Mariners every summer. Anyone remember the Kingdome? Not even pieces of the roof falling during the game kept my family and I away. Hence, why it was torn down. My husband on the other hand played baseball growing up and is an avid fan of all things baseball. We have a chest of all his Mariners memorabilia and knick knacks in our closet. So for us it was only fitting that when Kacie and her family invited us to go to a Tacoma Rainiers game, we had to go! And thankfully we made it to their last home stand of the season.

We were so excited to take Little Man to his very first baseball game. We even bought him his very first baseball hat. Thankfully, even with his 90th percentile noggin, he still has room to grow in it. Even though Little Man did not get to enjoy ball park food (hot dogs and garlic fries, YUM) and didn't understand what in the world was going on, it was still great to take our son to something we enjoy so much. I can't wait till he is old enough to take part in such an fun experience

And who doesn't love spending time with great friends!? Even though we didn't know who was winning or losing during the game, we had a blast. Despite the fact that Little James and June were completely off schedule for their night time routines, we had a lot of fun. I love that we will have these memories to tell our kiddos about when they are older.

Are you a baseball fan?
What are your favorite ball park foods?


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