Monday, August 25, 2014

Mommy Monday: Spying On Your Baby

Any helicopter moms out there? Yeah, I hear you. I AM you. I never thought I'd be the mom who checked on her baby every time she heard the slightest sound...but here I am. So thank you technology for making this so much easier to do. Instead of running up the stairs every 5 minutes, I can just press a button on the video monitor.

My husband and I decided to go with the video monitor over the sound monitor for multiple reasons. Being able to see and hear her whenever she's in another room puts our minds at ease a lot more than just sound can. Also, when she's older and is able to play in her room by herself, we'll be able to step away and still see her. Some video monitors are able to scan between multiple cameras, so we can just add a camera in another room when if we decide to have more kiddos.

I'm blessed to know many "Minimalist Moms" who are able to use sound monitors or even no monitors. I think my anxiety level went up just writing that. I applaud you wholeheartedly for being that secure. I one day hope to be more like you. Unfortunately, today is not that day.

The first month after we brought Baby Girl home I think the video monitor got used a total of twice, just to test it out. We were hardly ever in separate rooms. And when we were, someone was watching her. Once she started sleeping in her crib, the monitor really started to earn it's keep around here. It has become my newest accessory.

Let me tell you that I've gotten loads better at not freaking out at every sound I hear through the monitor. I think being able to quickly look at her has really helped. I still check it every time I wake up at night and maybe I still can't leave a room without it. But I promise, I've come a long way. 

What kind of baby monitor do you use?
Do you find yourself attached to it?

God Bless,

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