Friday, August 22, 2014

Friday Favorites: What's Up Moms?

YouTube is pretty awesome. It came in handy especially during those times in college where I needed a "study break" with some cute little animals that did funny things. Now being a mommy, I like to go to YouTube and look at product reviews for James as well as look for fun DIY projects and recipes.

While pregnant with my little guy, I came across a YouTube channel called, What's Up Moms. It has humor, DIY projects, recipes, and all things moms need in just a few short minutes of video. And when all you have is a few minutes to spare, these videos are perfect.

The three moms on this channel are all women you can relate to and are so welcoming. Looking for some comic relief after a hard day? The funny and talented Elle has that for you. Need a new recipe for your little ones to try? Meg who is very sweet, has quick and easy meals for you to prepare. Got your little one down for a nap and have time for a DIY? Brooke who is very creative and fun to watch will show you how to craft in a snap. 

Want to see for yourself? Here is one of my favorite videos from this channel! Enjoy!

Do you have a favorite YouTube channel or video? Please share! We'd love to watch!


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