Friday, August 15, 2014

Friday Favorites: Prayer Journal

My Prayer Journal

It has always been a goal of mine to have a strong prayer life. I love how coming to God in reverence and praise brings me close to Him. However, I have always struggled with being able to maintain a strong prayer life. I would go through a good few weeks of prayer and then miss one day and then fall behind for a few weeks. I repeated this month after month and I didn't feel very confident in my ability to reach my prayer goals and be a prayer warrior.

I put becoming a prayer warrior on the back burner because I was so discouraged. Then one day my husband and I were going through a bin of his old high school belongings. In it I found a prayer journal. It has sections for prayer requests, praises, and scripture. I saw it and thought, "That is what I need!" Now I am one of those people who love to collect cute little journals, notebooks, and planners so I found myself an excuse to add to my collection. I primarily searched Amazon and Etsy and ended up finding the perfect one from Val Marie Paper and it is now my favorite companion in prayer. Here is why:

  • It simplifies my prayer life. Sometimes I just tend to babble and rant. This prayer journal has different untitled and titled sections (a few examples are the world, the nation, my loves, my family). Along with having specific sections to pray about, it is separated in to months. At the end of each month there is room to write scripture and answered prayers.
  • It keeps me focused. I love having a place where my prayers are already written out. I am ready to be transparent and open to the Lord without having to think so much about what exactly needs prayer for.
  • I am motivated. Whenever someone asks for prayers or I think of something I would like to pray for, I reach for my journal. It is nice to have a place where everything I want to confide and surrender to the Lord is in one place.
Who would have thought that something so simple would help me in my prayer life? 

What kind of tools do you use to help you walk with the Lord?
Do you have goals for your spiritual life? Do you struggle at times in reaching those goals?

Please post a comment below if you feel led to so we can encourage each other!



  1. Do you know where I could find one of these? Seems like something I could use and would be a great gift!

    1. Hi Biz! Sorry for the late response, I didn't think to check for comments because I didn't think that people would comment so soon! So thank you for them!

      As for the journal I got it off Etsy. Here is the link!