Thursday, August 21, 2014

Anything Can Happen Thursday: Granny Comes to Town

Living away from family can be really hard, especially when you have kids. I grew up down the street from my grandparents and I probably have more memories with them than anyone else. One of the good and bad things about moving a lot is we might always live far away from our extended families. On the plus side, this means we get to have really awesome visits! This past week, Hubby's mom got to stay with us. June just loves her Granny! We went on lots of adventures and she got to experience our day-to-day routine. We were definitely sad to see her go, but we can't wait till her next visit! Here are some highlights of her time in the Pacific Northwest:

Fun times at the park. 

June is less than amused with your puny slide. 

Play time with our friend, James. 

Forced friendship.

Baby's first tricycle!

Super yummy s'mores!

Hubs and I even got to go on a date that
included kayaking, pool, and pizza!

Happy *42nd* birthday, Granny! ;)

Granny helps us cope with yucky shots.

Happy 6 month birthday, Baby Girl!

One last bike ride before Granny leaves. 

Do you live near family?
What kinds of things do you do when family visits?

God Bless,

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