Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Testament Tuesday: Patience

Genesis 29:20
So Jacob worked for Laban seven years so he could marry Rachel. But they seemed like just a few days to him because he loved Rachel very much.

Do you know the story of Jacob and Rachel? Jacob went to Rachel's father and asked for her hand in marriage. Her father said that Jacob must work for him for seven years before he could marry her. Once the seven years were over, Rachel's father tricked Jacob and gave him Rachel's sister to marry. Jacob was upset but promised to work another seven years for Rachel. Is that not the epitome of true love and patience?! Jacob had great faith and trust in God to be able to wait patiently for 14 years to be with the woman he loved.

These days patience is unheard of. We are a "right now" society. "2 minutes to microwave something? Are you joking?" "Ugh. This page has been loading for like 30 seconds!" For me, it's commercials. They take forever!

So it's completely understandable that your jaw dropped when you heard Jacob waited 14 years for something, even if it was the love of his life. We forget that we're on God's schedule. And that's a wonderful thing! Do you know what kind of mess we'd be in if we controlled when things happen? I can't even fathom!

It's hard to just sit still and let God move. I'm a doer. I get things done. So when there's a problem, I'm ready to jump in and handle everything myself. But that's just not possible. Some miracles require waiting because that's where He does great things. In the end you'll learn that God's timing was perfect after all.

Maybe you're waiting for that little blue plus sign on a pregnancy test (we've been there!), some test results, or even a phone call. Worrying will only cause more damage. And what does worrying do anyway but raise your blood pressure? I always find that I can handle a situation (good or bad) better if I go into it calmly and trusting in God's plan. After all, He put me there, in that moment, to show me something. And I'd rather be open to His lesson than too focused on my fears to see it.

What are you patiently (or not-so-patiently) waiting on?

We definitely don't have all the answers, but we know Someone who does. Please feel free to come to us with anything, be it a question, prayer request, or praise. We'd love to hear how God is moving in your life. 

God Bless,

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