Wednesday, August 20, 2014

What We Made Wednesday: Two Are Better Than One

Sometimes Kacie and I think so much alike. A few weeks ago I started playing around with making sensory bottles for my little guy and coincidentally Kacie was making some for Little June. I loved this idea from Pinterest and Little James is at the age where I thought he might start enjoying them.
I had made mine out of 2 ounce Medela bottles Little Man used to drink out of as a newborn. In them I put anything that would make an interesting noise when he shook them. I found some pasta, bendy straws, and small binder clips. Little Man was not really interested in shaking them and making noise but rather chewing on the bottles themselves. (He is in major teething mode right now!) And they really weren't visually appealing. Fail.

Now Kacie’s on the other hand, where a lot nicer. She used Voss brand water bottles and made very visually appealing discovery bottles. One had colored rice and toothpicks and another had colored water with glitter and beads. In one word, they were awesome. There was one problem though, the cap on these bottles were not very durable and one broke and leaked. The bottles were also a little big for our kiddos' little hands.

Well let’s just say we were both at square one. I wanted something affordable that my son could play with and something that would appeal to him. And who doesn't love the huge grin your baby gets on their face when you give them something fun, especially since you made it!  So how do we make a better discovery bottle?
The Medela bottles were perfect for little hands and the caps were durable enough to keep anything from escaping. Kacie had some beads and made some fun colored rice. Put those two together and you get some pretty neat looking sensory toys for Little James and June.

Even though both of our designs had flaws, we took what worked well in our initial idea for discovery bottles and put them together. What I thought might be a complete fail of a project turned out to be a success. Two brains are definitely better than one!

Have you ever done something that failed and then talked to a friend and it ended up working out? 
Do you have a friend who thinks a lot like you?


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