Thursday, August 14, 2014

Throwback Thursday: Trusting Him

For our first Throwback Thursday, I decided to talk about the time I moved to Enid, America. Moving across the country was very uncomfortable for me because it meant leaving the familiarity of home, which I called the Pacific Northwest.

I was leaving behind all my friends, family, an amazing church, and Target. A very minor detail, but who doesn't like Target?! Would I ever find these things in the middle of America?

First of all, I am shy so making friends wasn't the easiest for me. Second, I was afraid I wouldn't get along with anyone, or I would be that one person that everyone hated. Lastly, it was going to take me a good couple months to unpack so making friends wasn't an option. Although during this little pity party I was throwing myself, God decided to crash it and for good reason. I was making excuses.

These excuses of mine would only happen if I made them happen. God took hold of me and showed me that no matter where I am, life goes on. If I wanted to live a life for Him, I couldn't stay in the house all day and hide. What I needed was to step out in faith and not be afraid.

I trusted God to help me create a new life in Enid, America. I started going to spouse socials and meeting new friends. I eventually became a mentor spouse to help other new spouses get connected. I even started going to a Book Club where I met the most extraordinary women of God I have ever met. Quite frankly, I wouldn't have gotten through the most difficult time in my life without them.

Now I never want to think about what would've happen if I decided not to step out of my comfort zone and trust the Lord. Has it ever been a mistake to trust the Lord? Never!

Was there a time you trusted God and let Him take the reigns? How did it end up?


  1. There was a time God told us to leave our comfortable lives in Kansas and move to Texas. Family and friends thought we were crazy. "How do you know God told you to do this", they would ask. Ultimately, we did move. No jobs lined up, no real plan. We stayed with friends for 1 month while we found jobs and got settled. In the end we were rewarded over and over again. It allowed my husband the opportunity to go to college, which lead to ROTC, which lead to commissioning into the Air Force! We feel so blessed to have this life and know that as long as we listen to HIM, we will be taken care of.

    1. Don't forget the biggest blessing of all...meeting me! Just kidding!

  2. Amen to that! It is so awesome to see how God moves when we listen to Him!