Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Testament Tuesday: Restoration

Sometimes life gets busy. You start to feel worn and tired. Sometimes the things that the Lord has put on your heart to do become chores or tasks instead of something to do joyfully. No matter what it may be whether it is your job, serving your spouse, taking care of your child, working out, or anything at all. Friends, can I invite you to restore yourself?

I love that this verse tells us so simply to restore ourselves to the joy of salvation. Can you remember when you first came to know the Lord? For me it was the most joyful thing that has ever happened to me! God is so good that He sent his Son to die for me. Through Him I am set free from the bondage of sin. Wow. I remember this joy and it is by God's grace and redemption that I can do the things He has set for me to do. Bringing myself back to this moment of joy allows and encourages me to carry on, no matter what the task is, to do it with a spirit of joy.

However, I have to be willing. I can think about and have this restored sense of joy in the Lord. If I am not willing to to let it show in my life then it becomes fruitless. But why hold the wonderful life the Lord has set for me back? Fear. Insecurity. Anxiety. All these can get in the way but as long as I am willing, God can work with me and allow me to be restored back to the joy of His love for me.

LORD, I pray that today we can be restored. Allow us to remember the things you have put in our hearts and the joy you have given us. I pray that we have a willing spirit to change our attitudes and actions so we can do all things for your glory. Praise you for your restoration! In your holy Name, AMEN.


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